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Hello! I’m Natalia Avanzi
Welcome and thanks for visiting my portfolio! I invite you to take a moment and look around. To see more about my background, experience, skills and how we could potentially work together, simply contact me.

Leisure Time

  During my free time I  love to   spend   time with my family. We   usually cook,   play games, watch   movies and ride   our bikes. I also   enjoy exercising and  listening to   some music during my leisure time.



        As a natural born teacher, my passion has continuously driven me to expand my     knowledge, experience, and relationships. With a strong background and diverse skill set, I   am an experienced and  creative  teacher willing to learn and share ideas and successful   solutions. Keep exploring my portfolio to see more information about me, and reach out   directly with any questions.

General Info

  I went to Thailand  and Vietnam with my nine-year-old daughter to spend two years in each country teaching the best way I could. I am a passionate teacher, and I`ve been teaching for the past 16 years. I just can’t imagine myself doing anything else besides teaching very young learners. 


Brasília, Brazil

Work History


HIM LAM International school – Bac Ninh Vietnam.

July 2022 – June 2024 (current job)

IB and IEYC curricula

Nursery and K1 Homeroom teacher

-Designing and following a complete teaching plan
-Teaching alphabet and numeracy along with personal, social and emotional skills
-Organizing learning material and resources
-Use a variety of activities and instructional methods (songs, stories, media, structured games, art, outdoor activities etc) to motivate and stimulate children’s abilities
-Maintain an open line of communication with parents and provide appropriate information
-Assess students performance and progress to ensure they are mastering the skills on regular basis
-Monitor children’s interactions and nurture cooperation and sharing
-Cooperate with administration staff

SISB – Singapore International school of Bangkok – Thailand.

Aug 2019 – July 2021

Singapore, UK curricula and International Baccalaureate

Pre-K Homeroom teacher and level coordinator.

-Made the classroom a safe and fun place to learn
-Settled a daily routine
-Talked to parents about students’ needs
-Planned interesting classes with games, music, projects and storytelling
-Built a good rapport with students
-Planned field trips and school events
-Planned interesting learning centers to reach all kinds of learning style students.
– Consulted with parents to build and maintain positive support networks and support continuing education strategies.


Serios School – Brasilia Brazil

Jan 2013 – Jan 2019

Early Childhood Education/
Primary Teacher.
– Taught English to Students from Toddler to 3° grade.

-Developed engaging curriculum and performed daily classroom activities including taking attendance, creating lesson plans and teaching information in accordance with the school policy.

-Communicated with guardians to discuss educational progress and classroom problems.


Maple Bear Canadian School – Brasilia – Brazil

Aug 2009 – Dec 2012

Canadian Curricula

Nursery Teacher
​-Educated students in foundational concepts such as shapes, numbers and letters.
-Promoted sensory development by providing access to different textures.
-Promoted physical, academic and social development by implementing diverse classroom and outside activities.
-Observed children to identify individuals in need of additional support and developed strategies to improve assistance.
-Trained the teacher assistant to do the activities and potty training.


Educational Background

UniCEUB University

Licentiate in Portuguese; English and related Literature.
2004 – 2007



Child protection for international schools


Vietnam - Set 2023


Inspiring Young Writers from Nursery to K1

Training by Kim Scott.

Thailand - Nov 2019


Classroom Skills for Teaching Very Young Learners

At International House London.

London Uk - Jul 2019



Teaching development course at Casa Thomas Jefferson – Brasília

Brazil - Jul 2009 - Jul 2011



Teaching Young Learners - at International Language schools of Canada

Canada - Jan 2011



Teaching English to Children Speaking Other Languages - at International Colleges Oceania.

New Zealand - Nov 2008



Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages - at International Colleges Oceania

New Zealand - Oct 2008

What I Do

My skill set

Through my educational and professional experiences, I’ve had the opportunity to build a strong, diverse skill set that has proven to be an asset in many different situations. Read below to see more.

I believe that classes need to be fun with engaging activities for students collaboratively play and learn. I always plan creative centers to reach all students and their different learning styles.


In my lessons I use a variety of activities and tools, because I believe they are necessary to develop student's gross and fine motor skills naturally.


I like to explore all school facilities, specially the ones that children get involved with nature. Hands on activities make learning more meaningful and fun.


I am used to teaching school values in a multicultural way, showing what is to be a global citizen. School values and outcomes are usually present in my daily lessons.

Story Teller

One of my best skills is definitely telling stories. It is amazing to see my student's shinny eyes looking at me when I am telling them stories. I’ve included some more picture and videos of my most recent story projects. Take a moment to explore below, and reach out if you’re interested in learning more about what I have to offer.


My work

Creative Activities

Creativity is also one of my strengths. When planning my lessons I try to think of a wide number of activities to give children voices and choices. Either observing the children or making meaningful questions, I am always around as an attempted and caring teacher. 

Coloring from under the table, teaching students to see the world from a different perspective.

Teaching  about road safety.

Teaching the formation of the letters with some cars on the road.

Making a volcano to Teach letter V.

Teaching about the weather. If it rains, Embrace the rain!!!

Teaching wellness; how to be independent and wear their socks by themselves.

Teaching about farm animals during a field trip.

Integrating technology into my lessons.

Teaching phonics through experiments. We were waiting for the Ants to come and have some Apple Syrup on letter "A"

Teaching cross campus. I am familiar with online lessons and meetings. I am used to working with Seesaw, Google Drive, and In Shot App.



What Parents are Saying

“My daughter was Ms Natália’s student for three years.  I believe that the amazing job Ms. Natália did as a teacher with my daughter and her friends in class is the reason Lara loves English so much. Teacher Naty’s classes are full of creativity, motivation, imagination, joy and love. She is one of the  best teachers I have ever known. Learning from her is memorable.

Ms. Natália is a very important teacher  in my daughter’s life and in my life as well.
I’m thankful for having her as Lara’s teacher.

Meyre Helen Andrade –   Mother from colegio serios.

“Thank you teacher Naty! You had me in tears when I read this comment! You are absolutely amazing and thank you so much for being an awesome teacher for everything that you have done for him. We will miss you!”

Ilze Visser – Mother from SISB

“Teacher Naty was a gift in my son’s school life. She made him fall in love with the language though her lessons, He learned in a fun and light way. She is a a passionate teacher, creative, and extremely dedicated to the children and their individual learning process.”

Juliana Noronha – Mother from Serios.



Recomendation letters

“I met teacher Naty (as we would call her) when I came to Serios. She showed a lot of energy and passion when she talked about her students and her classes. She always wanted to be the best with the little ones. She was constantly creating something different and coming up with ideas to improve and make her pupils develop in the learning process. Natália had the gift to make something simple become remarkable. The students
absolutely loved her classes, including my kids who love her deeply. While working with Mrs. Roncisvalle, I had the chance to see her working with
projects to incentivize her students.
Whomever hires her, will be lucky to have such a professional, creative and
passionate employee.”

Âmara Aline – Language coordinator at  Colegio Serios

This letter is to verify that Ms Natalia Roncisvalle Avanzi has been employed by Singapore International School of Bangkok from August 2019 to August 2021 as a Nursery teacher. She was responsible for teaching a myriad of subjects such as Literacy and Wellness to the students of her class. Her passion for teaching has been evident in her lessons plans and engaging students in the classroom and online. Her resources and teaching aids are from high standards.
Natalia has been able to work with her students and parents well and was able to manage her class effectively and efficiently. Natalia has shown resilience and independence in adapting to the culture of the school and in taking initiative to find out answers to questions that may have not been answered. Her leadership qualities and level-headedness soon saw her rise to take the position of
a Nursery 2 coordinator where once again she demonstrated commitment and patience in understanding her students, her colleagues and her parents. She was always active in ensuring that policies were followed and best practices implemented across her level.
As a young teacher, she has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to the SISB curriculum and participate in curriculum review meetings, giving her input and professional opinions.
Natalia has been an asset to the team and would continue to grow as a teacher and an education leader with a positive outlook in the years to come.

Werne van der Vyver
Nursery Kindergarten Deputy Principal





Get In Touch

Telephone: +55 61 998507843